102 Container terminals dispatched to Sri Lanka from the United Kingdom was recently confiscated by the Customs Department, upon having gained ‘wind’ that the consignment had contained garbage in its payload.

Accordingly, an elaborate plan had been taking place under wraps, through which polythene, clinical & other waste was shipped directly to Sri Lanka quite literally by the ton.

However, it has now been revealed that business mogul Dhammika Perera is responsible for the importation of garbage disposed by the UK, with his own Haley’s Group acting as a front for the whole operation.

At present the 102 containers of garbage shipped to Sri Lanka from the UK, which have been impounded are lying at the Katunayeke Free Trade Zone, and could be witnessed first-hand via google maps.

It has also been divulged that the Hayley’s Group had been carrying out Dhammika Perera’s squalid deal with UK for a considerable period of time, through which Dhammika Pererea and his group had amassed a ‘filthy’ profit.

The 102 containers of waste imported to Sri Lanka by Dhammika Perera’s Hayley’s will be re-shipped to the UK.

But however, it remains unclear as to what course of action would be taken with regards to the garbage which has been surreptitiously smuggled into the country thus far, as well as Perera’s standing agreement with the UK to import further consignments into the country.